The Worst Tattoo Spelling Fails

What's worse than a bad tattoo? These mistakes are going to hurt long after the ink heals.

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New York Fashion Week Spring 2014 Trends

We Spotted All The NYFW Spring 2014 Trends So That You Don't Have To

#clothes |  12387 views

What You Need to Know About the Harry Potter Spinoff

J.K. Rowling is dusting off her wand and re-entering the world of Harry Potter

#funny |  42224 views

The Hero Who Predicted 9/11

Rick Rescorla not only saved thousands of lives on 9/11, but he all but predicted the whole thing

#9/11 |  40642 views

Backstage Beauty Tips From Fashion Week 2013

20 Tips from the pros at New York Fashion week . . . It's easier than you think!

#beauty |  13560 views

Pics That Prove Vladimir Putin is an 80s Action Movie Villain

Aside from being one of the leaders of the free world, we're pretty sure Vladimir Putin enjoys a career as Rambo's nemesis.

#funny |  48038 views

Twitter: From First Tweet to Going Public!

Twitter through the years

#celebrity |  16133 views

Why Friday The 13th Is More Than Just Superstition

Still think Friday the 13th is nothing to worry about? Think again.

#fear |  147581 views

What Celebs Were Wearing At New York Fashion Week

Celebrity fashion Dos and Don'ts from this year's NYFW! Rihanna blew it . . .

#2013 |  49206 views

Breakfast: To Eat or Not to Eat?

Skipping breakfast is bad for you. Or is it? New research sheds light on the breakfast myth.

#bacon |  40912 views

Which Disney Outfit Are You?

These Disney Inspired Fashion Trends You Can Buy

#belle |  46113 views

The Massive Salary Stay-at-Home Moms Deserve

Moms do a ton of different real jobs, but don't get paid for any of them

#homemaker |  55780 views

Super Bowl Halftime Show Headliners Better Than Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars was announced as the headliner for Super Bowl XLVIII, here are 20 performers that should headline instead.

#bruno mars |  20659 views
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